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Greetings Chapter 12 Members and Friends!


It is time to renew your chapter membership. The easiest way to do this is through the Paypal link on the chapter website at: You do not have to have a Paypal account to use this link. For other options you might want to contact our Treasurer Dean Doolittle by email at:


Please note that the monthly chapter meetings are held on the second Tuesday night of each month from 7:00 PM until 9:00 PM.  Frequently at Ellington Field locations, but with varying other locations so please watch the notices carefully.  The Chapter will also have occasional technical and social events on the weekends and possibly other nights.  Feel free to recommend, give or host meetings or events.

Tuesday, March 12th 2019:  Monthly Chapter Meeting – The Future of Human Spaceflight by Hal Getzelman at Ellington Airport (Signature)

The March meeting will be Tuesday the 12th 7pm-9pm at Signature Flight Support, 11811 N. Brantly Avenue, Houston TX  77034, ( – in the upstairs Meeting room

We will have the following presentation:

The Future of Human Spaceflight, Hal Getzelman

Hal will share with us his views of where the human spaceflight program is headed. 


Future Meetings:

April 9th - To Be Determined.


Please contact us if you have an idea for a topic and or a location!



We are considering starting a VMC club and need at least five members that will commit to attending meetings.  The VMC clubs are focused on safely operating aircraft in VFR conditions.  The meetings are not limited to the initial members that commit.  We also need a CFI that will be available to answer questions that come up during the presentation or the subsequent discussion.  The CFI is not the discussion leader nor does he or she need to attend the meetings.

The VMC meetings can be on the same day either before or after our regular chapter meetings but are not intended to replace our current meeting content.  We can also schedule the meetings on a different day and/or at a different place.

I talked to EAA National about the VMC clubs.  However, this is not the only option as the IMC clubs are structured the same way and are also available to us.  The IMC clubs are focused on safely operating aircraft in IFR conditions.  If we have more interest in setting up an IMC club, we can do that.  If we have sufficient interest in both the VMC and IMC, so much the better.

There are no additional costs to the chapter or the members for the VMC and IMC clubs.  And, the best part, the meeting content is provided by the VMC and IMC organizations.

Please email

            - if you wish to commit to attending VMC meetings or are a CFI that will serve as the technical resource.

            - if you are interested in the IMC club and would commit to attending those meetings.

Upcoming “Local” Events:


February 16th:

Biplane Fly-in - Galveston: Contact: or 855-881-3337 for more information.



As noted in prior e-mails, the aviation professional shortage is a real thing and recruiters are looking for people be on the lookout if you are interested.  We will advise as we get any leads, but please forward us if you are looking for people!


James R Lawrence 

I still have a one-of-a-kind project at 3T5.  It is a single-seat, high-wing, vw-powered, taildragger.  Wing is complete and engine conversion is complete.  Fuselage gussets are water-jet cut.  My engine is a 1600cc and really needs some upgrading.  I’m using the Diehl System for mount, alternator, and magneto.


Please send your current projects to We'd like to get a current list of all Chapter members' projects.

If you have any aviation items to sell please send me a simple pdf document to with a description and your contact info so we can add it to this section.  We will post it here for 3 months unless you contact us requesting it to be extended or removed.

Do you have a project where you need some extra volunteer help or just want to convey some knowledge, let us know and we can put out a call.


Please send us your airplane/project/flying photos, your news, for-sales, and other items of interest to Chapter 12 members and friends. For events or news, please advise at least two weeks in advance so we can get it in the general news e-mail.


Your EAA Chapter 12 2018 – 2019 Board and Programs:  

Dan LaFon, President/Web Master
Hal Getzelman, Vice President
Thomas Castleman, Secretary
Dean Doolittle, Treasurer
Thomas Castleman, Programs

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